Dee Dee Does Utopia is a 10 x 14" hard cover book designed and published by Marquand Books, eminent publisher of art books in the Northwest. In addition to 31 full-color illustrations, the book contains an autobiographical, anecdotal chronology of the author’s artistic development, and essays by art critics Peter Frank, Susan Noyes Platt, and Frances DeVuono. The volume’s end papers contain the entire 14,500-word corpus of utopic description supplied by 200 respondents to the question, “What does Utopia look like?” More than an artist monograph or catalog, the book is Lawrence’s satirical commentary on current events, popular culture and art history.

Dee Dee Does Utopia
Deborah Faye Lawrence
w44 pages
31 color illustrations
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ISBN:  978-0-9778028-4-5

Available from D.A.P. (Distributed Art Publishers, Inc.), N.Y.

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"Calamity often inspires artists to do their most urgent work. Deborah Lawrence is one such artist, whose intense collages are good news for very bad times.” -- Fred Tomaselli, Artist, Brooklyn, NY

“Lawrence’s art is funny, smart, intense, politically engaged and a little wacky. This is a book that will appeal to a wide audience—it is loaded with content that will provoke as it entertains.”

-- Joyce Kozloff, Artist, New York, NY

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